• Moving houses, offices, public and private bodies, shops and stores
  • Assembly, disassembly and modification of furniture
  • Transport of pianos, safes and armored cabinets


We are a young and qualified company that work with success in the moving and transport business for more of 15 years in all the Sardinia and up all the international territory.

Low prices and excellent quality of service is the main policy our company, that has specialized workers and adequate equipment in keep it going evolution. Our experience allows us to offer you a wide range of service, and the better solution for the yours move.

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Moving Services

We can offer to our customers a wide range of custom and guaranteed service, including:

  • Moving throughout Sardinia, Italy and Europe
  • ¬†Moving of houses, offices, public and private bodies, shops and warehouses
  • Assembly, disassembly and modification of furniture
  • Third party transport with hydraulic shore also
  • Transportation of pianos, safes and armored cabinet
  • External lift rental with operator
  • Storage and keeping of furniture in boxes
  • Packaging of domestic stuff
  • Special packaging for antique furnitures and artistic works
  • Supply of all packaging material
  • Mounting for shops and exhibition stands
  • Furniture transport and assembly service for furniture manufacturers


We are always available to offer you a free quote, even at your home, and suggest you the best solution for your needs.


Our primary goal is full customer satisfaction, and we use all our best tools to get it : professionalism and seriousness, education and courtesy and mostly all the maximum availability for the customer!
This makes the different between us and others!



When we enter our clients’ homes we are not just doing our job: we are entering, even temporarily, in their lives, and for this reason, translocation is not just “bringing objects from point A to point B”..

Moving is mainly about taking care of the objects that are part of the customer’s daily life, so we always pay a special attention: every move has its particularities and it is necessary to take care of every little detail. With this way of operating, everything takes place in complete tranquility and with the full happiness of the customer!

Giambroni Traslochi offers its customers all of its many years of experience to offer a service of high professionalism and quality.

Ask our many customers who come to us every day for their removals and take care of their belongings.


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Customer satisfaction

Customer’s reviews

Every organizational and logistical aspect is performed with the maximum caring!

Our best calling card is word of mouth!

  • Elena

    Very professional and fast. Good price (Traslochi365)

  • Luigi

    Seriousness, competence, professionalism and courtesy not comparable to other companies contacted in the past. I have to do other transports and I will contact them, sure to put myself in good hands! I highly recommend it. (Traslochi365)

  • Enea

    Punctual and serious in the work they do. They also helped me sell a piece of furniture that not fit in the new house. Good! (Traslochi365)

  • Karen

    Really timely, professional and extremely fulfilled the job with perfect organization and care of personal things, has completed the job with 3/5 of the time compared to what was estimated by other suppliers allowing us to do more work and save time. He was able to find the brightest solutions to all the little hitches that were presented. Complete availability, humility and correctness. Recommended! (Traslochi365)

  • Carlo

    Great professionality, very good price, precision and kindness. (Google)

  • Marco

    Very professional and gentle. Honest prices. Satisfied. (Google)

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